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From health professionals

Fred Hahn hits the nail on the head with this common sense book. The best way to build strong, healthy adults is to start them out as strong, healthy kids, and Fred's book will show you how. Using the methods Fred uses to train his celebrity clients will help your kids improve their strength, agility and posture, all of which will increase their self confidence and better their athletic and academic performance. You owe it to your kids to read this book and apply it.

Michael R. Eades, M.D.

Strong children thrive.  I know of no better way for adults to develop strength and the habit and pleasure of exercise than at Serious Strength using Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn method.  It is a safe, effective way to build muscle for life without stressing and injuring joints and bones (which are common problems associated with traditional sports and gym training techniques). 

Childhood strength paves the way to the mature enjoyment of an active life style. I can think of no safer way to advance adolescent strength than using Slow Burn strength training.

Serious Strength has successfully seen me through four major orthopedic operations and continues to support my difficult work life.  Being strong has helped me in every way and Serious Strength Slow Burn training is an essential ingredient of my life.  The method allows me to maintain activity levels I thought I would never enjoy again.

Lucy Perrotta, M.D.
Pediatrics, Neonatology

Childhood obesity in America has reached astronomical levels and Fred Hahn knows exactly why--kids are eating way too much sugar, too many carbohydrates, and too much junk food...PERIOD! Even worse, children today are getting little to no weight training which is essential for growing much-needed muscle and burning stored fat. Utilizing his popular "slow burn" lifting technique, Fred shows kids how they can have the 'bestest' fun while getting stronger and stronger each day.

The next generation is indeed 'overfat' as Fred so aptly puts it in Strong Kids, Healthy Kids and it's high time parents utilize these easy and effective diet and fitness strategies for positively impacting the lives of their kids forever. Your children will thank you for it when they reach adulthood because they'll be more fit and healthy than either of you ever thought possible! Are you ready for your kid to be stronger and healthier?

Get this book!

Jimmy Moore
Health and Weight Loss blogger

In nearly 30 years as a medical reporter the one thing that I continue to be amazed at is how much of what we once “knew” in health and medicine has proven to be wrong. From stem cells in adult hearts and brains to the causes and treatment of disease, medical knowledge is ever changing and growing. To that list we can now add the myth that weight training is dangerous for kids.

Fred Hahn not only dispels the misconception that it's harmful, he's shown that it's beneficial in numerous ways, not the least of which may be weight control for our increasingly sedentary young people. Better yet, Fred has shown us how to strength train our children in a safe, effective and, yes, even enjoyable manner. This is a book all parents need… for the health of their children.

Dr. Max Gomez

Fred Hahn presents sound, well-researched facts on the importance of strength training for youngsters. I've exercised my 6-year-old son, Tyler, for two years on similar guidelines and his muscles have responded positively. Tyler is 4-feet 3-inches tall and weighs a solid 65 pounds.

Furthermore, Fred Hahn tells parents what to avoid in the areas of warm-up, flexibility, simulating sports skills, and fitness tests – which I whole-heartedly applaud.

Ellington Darden, Ph.D.

Indeed, if there is one activity that boys and girls in our sedentary society should be doing for strength and health it is sensible strength training. Stronger Kids, Healthier Kids, by fitness expert Fred Hahn, presents essential information and excellent guidelines for safely, effectively and efficiently achieving these most desirable goals.

Dr. Wayne Westcott



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