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From Parents and children like you

I bought the book after watching and read the book 2 nights ago. I started my daughter (5 1/2 years old) on the slow burn routine you laid out in the book and she payed attention really well!

She has been chowing on real, low carb foods for around a year and I am looking forward to the fitness results.

Thanks for the great book and advice.

Jeff E.

My stepdaughter Jillian Doyle is a member of the Kennett High School track team in Conway, NH. In her sophomore year she was one tenth of a second from breaking the school’s record in the 200 meter run. During her off-season, Jillian incorporated Slow Burn techniques into her weight workouts. As a junior, Jillian returned to the track team a bit stronger and faster, setting the new school record in the 200 meter. Jillian was also the anchor of the 4 X 100 relay team that not only shattered the school record in that event, but also broke their own record one week later! As a senior, Jillian has returned to her weight room strategy of again incorporating Slow Burn techniques in hopes of not only breaking more track records next spring, but setting the records and standards for Kennett High's newly formed indoor track team.

Audley W.

Our kids feel stronger & proud of their accomplishments. We feel like we are doing something very healthy as a family and in the process teaching our children how important it is to take care of their bodies.

Joyce & Jay H.

My son, Ephraim is 10 years old. He is an aspiring cartoonist; more artsy than sporty, but has a decent forehand, and a mean backhand in tennis! He is average build, and has asthma, eczema, food allergies, and environmental allergies......has good coping skills, but knows all that stuff is a drag. His dad and I had been going to Fred Hahn's Serious Strength for years. I have poor bone density, so the strength training was the key to my health. For my husband, an actor, the training was essential for keeping him fit, and fitting into a crazy schedule. I spoke to Fred about Ephraim beginning weight training. He highly recommended this for him. I believe Ephraim was 8 years old when he began with Fred. After taking measurements, and getting whatever history and medical information necessary, Ephraim went to the equipment with Tommy, a very tall, muscular trainer.....who is hilarious, and so kind, and encouraging! The difference in their sizes was quite something. As I knew the level of intensity at Serious Strength from my own weight training, I was a bit anxious about Ephraim's ability to handle that type workout. They of course started him light, and almost two years later, he is at weights that amaze me.

Remember, he is not a soccer kid, he's an artist/video gamer!

O.K. that is the history. What has it done for Ephraim? He will not develop a muscular physique at this age. What he will develop is strength, and confidence, and great self esteem. Because he has a compromised respiratory situation, helping him be as strong as he can, is so important. He comes out of his training session adding and multiplying in his head the amount of weight he lifted. He is wiped out, but recovers pretty quickly (faster than I do!) As a mom, I know my son so well. I know this training is incredibly challenging, and I know having Ephraim challenge himself physically like this is a fantastic hurdle for him. I see him growing from a pretty scrawny looking kid who is on antihistamines and inhalers, to a confident 10 year old, who is getting stronger, and whose tennis grip is now pretty awesome. I want to give him a head-start......this has been a totally positive experience for him. He has a younger sister, who is seven years old, and when she becomes eight, she will be right next to him doing bicep curls!

Connie S.

I find that Serious Strength has given me and my son enduring strength, literally. In the past I was a runner (developed sciatica), a Pilates practitioner for three years (a great start but it did nothing for bone density) and then found Fred Hahn’s method of slow movement. The pace and the precision of the whole program is what I would call a program of strength development for life. This means, you’re in it for the long haul, hopefully, for the rest of your life. The slow movement and focus of the program creates not only a strong body, but also a strong mind/body awareness. You find that you connect in your mind to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones during the process I have observed this in my son Byron too. He was no more aware of his real strength and body before starting the program. Byron is right here as I write this and he agrees. The weight program also keeps his body balanced unlike team sports. Team sports are that much greater when a teenager has a slow burn strength training program already in place. It grounds his physical regime in a safe manner and has helped him to keep injuries from occurring on the field. In short, we both love it and are in it for the long haul!

Lynette and Byron J.

Before meeting Fred and learning about Serious Strength, we were at a loss to help our son Brian. After taking a prescription medication for several months, Brian had gained close to 50 pounds. For a 10 year old child, a weight gain of that magnitude is not only scary and overwhelming, but also posed serious health concerns. For almost two years we tried to help Brian lose the weight by exercising and cutting calories. No matter how hard we and he tried, he couldn't rid himself of the weight.

For a child with self esteem issues and learning disabilities, and for us as parents, we were living a nightmare. Brian became more angry and depressed; he was embarrassed and miserable with his appearance. As his parents we felt helpless, not knowing where to turn.

Learning about Serious Strength and the slow burn method was a turning point for our entire family. Fred Hahn and Brian's trainer Tommy Day became our saviors. Everything we had been taught in the past about hours of aerobic exercise and calorie counting being the solution was forgotten. Brian began once a week 30 minute training sessions, along with a high protein eating program and within a couple of weeks the pounds started to come off.

At first Brian was uncooperative. The program as we called it wasn't easy for him and he had become quite jaded after his previous unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. But he kept with it and with his trainer's patience and persistence; Brian experienced his first significant results in years. With this new motivation, Brian became empowered to work harder and he became committed to the program with a vigor we could never have imagined. Brian went to school and bragged to his friends and teachers about how great he was doing with his program. The eating and exercise routine became part of his life and he stopped complaining about not eating the foods he used to crave.

After months on the program Brian's self esteem is tremendous. His face beams when his friends, family and teachers comment on his quite obvious weight loss. More importantly Brian feels better about himself. He can move more easily, feels stronger and more able to participate and compete in sports and other physical activities. He has learned to like himself again; his confidence in himself has been restored. He is wearing clothes he hasn't fit into in years; he wants to shop for new clothes every chance he gets!

The staff at Brian's school has also seen the huge strides Brian has made. His attention and focus difficulties at school have decreased along with his behavioral and social problems. As he shed his unwanted pounds he gained his confidence and self esteem. He has reclaimed his position as a leader amongst his peers and his attention and focus have improved significantly. Brian has been described by his teachers as "happier than ever" and "empowered, proud and confident."

Brian still has a ways to go but we have no doubt he will reach his goals. Fred, Tom and Serious Strength has given us the greatest gift of all -- they have helped Brian regain his happiness, confidence, self esteem, motivation and health -- they have given us our son back.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Michael and Lisa H.

Very shortly after Katya and Marc started their program at Serious Strength my expectations that Fred would provide an effective, professional and safe work out for my children were confirmed. Katya’s Junior Prep figure skating program coach wanted to know what Katya did so that almost overnight her jumps became so considerably stronger. On the same night I talked to Katya’s ballet teacher, who could not believe that all of a sudden Katya made such a breakthrough in flexibility. As for Marc, not only did his hockey power skating improve very fast, but I can actually see how his muscle have grown. And the other day I discovered that without any additional training Marc can do military style pull-ups—a huge ego booster for both Marc—and his parents!

Veronica and Yakov B.



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